Old Icelandic Dictionary - erfiðr

Meaning of Old Icelandic word "erfiðr" in English.

As defined by A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic (Geir Zoëga):

a. difficult, hard, troublesome; oss verðr erfitt at þjóna Norðmönnum, it will be hard for us; Guðrún var erfið á gripakaupum, G. was troublesome (extravagant) in buying finery; hvíldist Helgi, því at honum var orðit erfitt, for he was exhausted; þó at honum væri málit erfitt, though he spoke with difficulty.

Possible runic inscription in Younger Futhark:ᛁᚱᚠᛁᚦᚱ

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