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Meaning of Old Icelandic word "meta" in English.

As defined by A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic (Geir Zoëga):

meta Old Icelandic word can mean:

(met; mat, mátum; metinn), v.
1) to estimate, value; ef þeir kynni m. sik, if they could value themselves rightly, not puff themselves up; m. e-t mikils, lítils, einskis, to attach great, little, no value to; make much, little, nothing of; munu þín orð hér um einskis metin, thy words will be counted for naught;
2) m. e-t fjár (kaups, etc.), to put a money-value on, to charge for (aldri mat hann fjár lækning sína); m. e-t við e-n, to name a price to one for a thing; met þú við mik rekkjubúnaðinn, tell me the price of the bed-furniture; ok vil ek eigi m. við þik (I will not charge you anything), heldr vil ek, at þú þiggir skikkjuna; to leave it to another to decide; allir mátu við Erling atkvæði um skírsluna, they all left it to E. to decide about the ordeal; við Þorkel met ek at fá þá hluti til, er hafa þarf, I leave it to Th. to provide the necessary things;
3) refl., metast til e-s, to be reckoned as, counted for (bað þá gera þá smíð, er til afbragðs mætist); m. e-t við, to contend about; ef þeir metast eiða við, if there is a contest about taking the oaths.

Possible runic inscription in Younger Futhark:ᛘᛁᛏᛅ

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et cetera.

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